Device Management Services

Ensure peak performance of your radios with software updates, premium features and hardware repair services.

Equipment Repair

We maintain a team of certified, manufacturer trained technicians to install, repair and optimize performance on all two-way equipment including portables, mobiles, base stations, repeaters, pagers, etc.


ComTech performs radio installation on all types of vehicles and equipment from simple pick-ups to drag lines and coal haulers.

Rentals Solutions

Have a special event, plant turn-around or busy season coming up where you need extra two-way radios, but don't want to purchase them to only have them used once a year?

Tower Services

ComTech certified tower personnel are ready for tower construction, and service on any radio towers.

Warranty Information

Protect these radios against normal wear and tear and more with Service from the Start – one of the most extensive service offerings available.

Wireless Networking

Communication Technologies, Inc offers a variety of products and services to accomodate your wireless communications need.


WyoLink is a statewide digital trunked VHF P-25 compliant public safety communications system